monitored isolation tx

8kVA Monitored 240v Isolation Transformer

£2,191.00 excl. VAT


This transformer is manufactured for areas where extreme caution is required, such as school classrooms, dental surgeries and operating theatres or any where else that is exposed to machines operated/ or on the public

The transformer is set as a monitor by default, so the power will not be disconnected under fault conditions. A contactor can be fitted, if required, to disconnect the output if a fault occurs.

Manufactured to medical specifications
The front panel houses an engraved board that labels the health features, the fault area and the audible alarm

Dimensions are 455mm wide, 440mm high and 360mm deep. Weight is 60kg

  • 240v Primary
  • 240v Secondary
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Rating 8kVA
  • Continuous rated
  • Enclosed to IP43
  • Ventilated enclosure
  • Floor, bench and wall mountable
  • 2 x 20mm gland holes
  • Over current monitor
  • Over temperature monitor
  • Insulation monitor
  • Status LED indicators (green HEALTHY, red FAULT)
  • Audible fault warning