10kva 3ph


£854.00 excl. VAT


Screw terminals on transformers with Primary windings up to 20A
Stud terminals on the secondary and all voltages above 750v
Full earth screen fitted between primary and secondary
Insulation class F 155 deg C
High grade low loss steel
Each terminal clearly labeled
Varnish impregnated
100 % tested
Manufactured to your individual requirements in days
Facility to mount in enclosures on order

Primary winding is delta, Secondary voltage is star (with star point terminated and available for connection)

360mm wide
360mm high
250mm deep

Select the primary voltage (wound in Delta)
Select the Secondary voltage (wound star)
Select if enclosed or not

Specify Voltage

Specify a voltage between 1V-1000V in the box below.
(Make sure you have selected the specify option in the drop downs above)